Pre Laminate Flexible Duct Lines

Portable Flexible Duct Production Machines produce Fully Flexible Ducts from Single and Pre Laminated Foil.


These machines are able to quickly produce Fully Flexible Duct in various sizes from 2 inches up to 20 in any length, the standard being 30 feet / 10 meter long with:
Automatic Cutting Device on operating speed and quick and easy changes of:
-Duct diameters and lengths
-Wire Pitch from the ducts
-Foils replacement and change
-Wire and Wire size change

The new generation Pre Laminated Foil Flexible Duct Machines produce the following qualities:

Aluminium Lamineted Fully Flexible Ducts Fire Class 0,

M0 Aluminium Polyester laminated fully Flexible Ducts fire Class 1, M1




Polyester Ducts Fully Flexible fire Class 2, M2






Outer Jackets Fire Class1, M1




The fire Classification is European Standard, USA according to UL


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